Kit Mills

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20 Penrose Way
Four Marks, Alton
GU34 5BG

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As an experienced coach & facilitator, I help people build resilience by changing patterns of a lifetime & the relationship with uncomfortable emotions, so they can live a life that’s true to who they really are. TRE is a huge part of my toolkit in helping clients to come gently into relationship with their body and emotions which inevitably builds safety and resilience within.

TRE has been instrumental in my personal healing journey of emotional wellbeing & continues to be part of my regular resilience practice. It was the missing piece that changed so much for me and so naturally, wanted to become a TRE practitioner so I could teach and share this practice to others.
TRE is such an incredible, natural resource that we all have within us to help release our pent-up stress and tension that can change our internal state.

Imagine if you could just lay back, not think, and let our body find its own reset?

Well TRE® does exactly that … and so much more.