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TRE EventsThinking of training as a TRE Provider?

There are two main pathways to become a TRE Provider. The first is split into 3 x 2 day modules, and the latter 2 x 3 days.  You can complete your training in person or online. You will see the options noted on the Provider Process Module listings below. For more details of the journey and process, visit our ‘Become A TRE Provider’ section. 

Choose your Certification Training. You need to complete the Certification Process with the same UK TRE Certification Trainer. The certification process and content can vary between Certification Trainers so please ensure you check the curriculum or contact your preferred Trainer directly for advice.

Coming soon … 

The TRE Association UK will launch for membership in 2024. As a member you will be able to list your groups and workshops here as well as find CPD trainings. If you are looking to learn TRE for your personal use and enjoy the benefits of TRE, groups run by Association members will be listed here. So please check back, the TRE Association UK is coming soon!

TRE Module 1
26 Jan 10:00
Until 28 Jan, 18:00 2d 8h

Module 1 – TRE College

Events In Person

TRE Module 1 – TRE College with Steve Haines
In Person
26th – 28th January 2024

Contact Steve
07970 878321 (Whatsapp)