Become a TRE® Provider

Ready to begin your journey to become a Certified TRE Provider?  This page provides important information to support you to understand the Certification process and find the right Trainer and course for you.  

There are two main pathways to becoming a TRE Provider, shown below. The first (A) is split into 3 x 2 day modules, and the latter (B) into 2 x 3 day.  Either way, the first step to becoming a TRE Provider is to go through your personal process before learning to teach TRE to individuals and small groups.  The minimum time frame is 10 months to ensure sufficient time for your personal process to develop.  It is recommended to complete your training within 12 – 15 months, with 24 months being the maximum time-frame permitted.  You can view the TRE® for All Global Certification Requirements here (opens in PDF).

You can complete your training in person or online.  Please note that the certification process and content can vary between Trainers so it is advised you check the curriculum or contact your preferred Trainer directly for advice.

UK Certification Trainers

Cheda Mikic, TRE Centre
London & Online

Deborah Brown, Train TRE
Brighton & Online 

Kate Munden
Kent & Online

Steph Hodgson
Oxford Bristol & Devon

Steve Haines, TRE College
London, Dublin & Online

Vicki Cook
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Findhorn, Isle of Skye & Online